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Make Hassle Free Kohl’s Credit Card Payments

1Kohls’s corporation is a famous retail brand in America with an extensive chain of stores. It goes back to as long as 1946 when the first Kohl’s store was founded. Kohl’s displays one of the top brands at its store and also offers online shopping for customers who are not comfortable with the idea of going out to shop. The store has extensive deals and offers catering to all sorts of customers. One of the very attractive features of this store is the Kohl’s charge value card.

This card makes it possible for you to not only pay your bills but also become eligible for incredible benefits. At the same time, you get several offers and deals on making a particular amount of purchases

Payment Options

  • Online Kohl’s Credit Card payments

You can conveniently register yourself at mykohlscharge.com to make free online payments. At the same time you also have the option of paying of your bills by scheduling them as one payment per day for about 180 days.

  • Kohl’s Credit Card Payment By Phone

There are several ways through which you can pay your bills by phone. One is to use the automated phone system and make a free payment. Furthermore you can also talk to a phone associate and make payments. This is viable for 7am to 10am. Debit card payments are also possible with the live associate and a 10$ fee will be charged for debit card payments.

  • Kohl’s Credit Card Payment By Mail

Payments will be received after 5 pm the next day. You have to make a check out at Kohl’s payment center and mail it to the address mentioned.

  • In Store Kohl’s Credit Card Payments

This option is also quite feasible if you simply do not want to go for the other modes of payments. Cash or check payments can be taken to pay off your dues. The payments can be received till the store closes.

Using My Kohl’s Charge To Make Bill Payments

  1. Kohl introduces simple and convenient way to pay your Kohl’s charge cards payments. Simply log on to mykohlscharge.com and you will see yourself face to face with a sign up page. Enter your details such as user name and password to log in.2
  2. Once you’ve entered the details, hit submit to log in. 3
  3. If you have already applied for Kohl’s charge, you can easily register yourself by entering the Kohl’s 12 digit credit card number and submit.4

Some Tips:

  • While entering your user name, do keep in mind that your user name is not your email address but the one which you opted for while applying for you Kohl’s credit card.
  • mykohlscharge.com allows you to activate your account simply by signing in, or registering your card by entering your card number.
  • While submitting payments to a store, it is advisable to save the receipts for future reference and use.




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