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10 Tips for Paying and Shopping with TJX

TJX companies offer its customers great value on a wide assortment of respected branded merchandise and designer products. Generally, prices are up to 20% lower than what department stores or specialty stores on high street charge for merchandise. Let’s look at surefire tips to help you shop and pay conveniently at TJX stores.

Always Shop with an open mind – don’t shop at TJMaxx with a closed-mind. Come with an open-mind and you’ll be amazed to find great items as soon as you start your treasure hunt.

Grab gems when you see them – when you’re shopping in-store or online and you find a precious item, don’t think twice, grab and add it to your basket. Who knows? You may never find it when you come back. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Shop for fashion wear logically – once you get in store, start searching for you item from department level,  women’s, then go to category e.g. shoes, and then the size e.g. size 28. That way, you’ll be able to find the item you want easily.

Come back often. Remember, all our stores get deliveries throughout the week, so there’s always new treasure to find.  We don’t store replenishment stock in our back rooms; everything comes straight from the lorry to the shop floor.

Be eco-friendly. Buy one of our fabulous 100% recycled plastic or jute bags. As well as doing your bit for the planet, profits from the sale of our reusable bags go towards supporting our long-term charitable partners.

Sign up for a Free My – when you sign up for the TJX Maxx MY Account, you can login to your account and pay your bill card bills, update your personal details, and retrieve personalized statements conveniently.  You can access your account 24/7 and  manage it conveniently wherever you are.

Get up paperless statements – take away the hustle of managing and paying your TJX store cards bills by enrolling for Paperless statements. Switching from paper to paperless statements is free. You won’t need to keep statements in a file each month. You can login to your account and manage your bills from a central place.

Buy merchandise with your card & earn rewards – shop, either online or in-store, and pay for merchandise using your TJX Rewards credit card. When you sign up for this card, you will be eligible for several perks such as $10 off of your first purchase,  5 rewards points for each dollar spent, and $10 gift certificate for every 100 rewards points you earn. Best of all, No annual fee is charged.

Setup AutoPay to avoid penalties-   are you always late on bill payments? Set up Autopay from your account and you will never miss a payment. Once you set-up AutoPay, credit card payments will be deducted automatically deducted from either your personal checking or savings account. When you pay your TJX Rewards credit card on time, you will avoid paying a $35 fee per month.

Stick to your card – just use one card to shop until it expires. If you change from Rewards to any other card, you will be charged a flat 10% on the transfer balance.



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